Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dude and Dude - Creating the Comic Strip

     Having watched cartoons religiously as a child; enjoyed a well put together comic book collection, and dabbled in drawing cartoons for most of my life, I, like my blog title announces, seem to have always been “Character Driven”.
     So, when you decide to tempt fate and create your own voice in the comic world, you look to the masters for advise; and when they, Charles Schultz, Johnny Hart (B.C., Wizard of Id), Gary Trudeau (Doonesbury), repeatedly tell you to, “Write what you know,” you dig deep to find that one part of you that you know you could write about, share, and exploit with humor, everyday for the rest of your life.
     Dude and Dude, by process of elimination, have become the two characters that I believe will be that voice, or two of the voices, ready to be exploited at every turn.
     Partnering to help make this happen is United Feature Syndicate, who have decided to take the dudes to the cyber-world by distributing Dude and Dude world-wide through their online website Comics.com…dude!
     Why Dude and Dude?
     Because they represent a large portion of the people, or kind of people, I’ve met, been friends with and/or hung out with all my life in the beach community I still live in today, Huntington Beach, Ca.
     Spend ten minutes in the older downtown area, or a couple of hours around the HB pier and you’ll hear the word repeated so often that you’ll leave not only having it ringing in your ears but also coming out of your mouth….”Dude!”
     It has become, in my world, the universal greeting label for anybody worthy of its status.
     Scott F. Kiesling wrote in his speech, entitled “Dude,” to the University of Pittsburgh, “dude has become unconstrained – a sign of inexpressiveness in which one word is used for any and all utterances.”
     Dude, this dude hit the dude right on the head…dude!
     At times, it represents, acknowledges, announces, confirms, recognizes and states our innermost thoughts and feelings, “Dude!” Then it flip-flops and does the complete opposite and announces our apathy, lack of drive and longing for a break from society, the day and “The Man”, “Dude!”

     Like the Coen brothers, who based the their character, Jeff “The Dude” Lebowski (in their 1998 comedy, “The Big Lebowski,”) largely on a couple of guys they hung out with early in their career and in college, Jeff Dowd and Peter Exline, I too have based Dude and Dude on a combination of many people I either grew up around or hung out with that measure up (or down) to the level of an “official, flow blown, righteous dude!”
     I hope you’ll follow along, check in on, become a daily fan of, and soon relate to “the dudes”; if you’re not a dude already.
     Sign up and build your own personal comic page using Dude and Dude a variety of other favorites in the Comics.com bullpen. They email your custom comics page to you daily, and it’s FREE…dude!
     I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions as you follow along and become part of the Dude and Dude community.
     Now, go take a nap. You’ve already read more than enough for one dude in a day.
     Then scrape together some change and go scarf and fish taco or two....dude.

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