Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sandals - Not Shoes - at Work!...Nice!

Wearing sandals at work is no problem if you work in the beach industry, or at the beach, or for a total awesome dude, or, in some cases, happen to be a women! What is it with the ladies being able to pull of sandals in the work place and not us dudes? I've seen many a lady walking around in dresses, skirts or whatever wearing something that looks very much like a sandal but has maybe an inch of lift in the back, sometimes less, and they call it an open toes dress shoe. 
   I would think to myself, "Totally unfair!" as I waited to get home (or even the car sometimes) to kick off my "feet choking" shoes for a cool pair of "Finally my feet can relax" sandals. The equivolent of finally pulling off that tie at the end of the day, if you have to wear one. Thank God I don't! I'm not much of a tie guy, and my middle-of-the-road salary will always reflect that.
Actually, I admire the ladies industry for having been able to pull off this "sandals as shoes"ploy for years! But that didn't help my, sweaty, stinky, tight shoe problem that has been a hassle for me most of my working life...until now.
That's because, FINALLY, some cool sandal companies have come on the scene and created sandals that look more like, and wear more like, SHOES!...Yes, all the feel and freedom of sandals has arrived! Dudes, are feet are saved.

Right now, I'm wearing a new pair of Sanuks ( If you're any kind of a dude, you have either seen these or already own a pair or two. For those who don't know of them you need to bust over to your local surfwear shop or location and check them out!
Yes, they make the traditional sandals that will have your boss saying, "No beuno in el officio!" But, they also have a style they call their "Sidewalk Surfer" line that look enough like shoes that you might just get the okay to wear them in the work place.
Here is the pair I've been sporting all summer and my feet thank me everyday! The best $60 I've spent in a long time. Mine can look a bit on the slipper-side, but Sanuk does offer some that look even more shoe-like for those harsher bosses. Check them out! They are totally Dude Shoes!
Speaking of Dude Shoes, our friends across the pond in the UK have a line of shoes that feel like, wear like, but don't look like sandals at all. They have the total shoe look with the total sandal feel and they are appropriately named, you guessed it, "Dude Shoes!" ( Shoes for the total dude! I just ordered my first pair under the advisement a great "Dude" friend who is already on his second pair! You can see their whole catalog and order online. Tons of styles and colors to choose from. Average cost is 45 pounds sterling and 12 pounds to ship ($85 all total). That's dress shoe pricing.
Dudes, your feet have been crying out to you for years. It's time to save them, rest them and get them to stop smelling so bad...dude. Your boss might even thank you for switching!!
One of the women in my office looked at my Sanuks and tried to play the, "He's wearing slippers" card!
She, of course, was in open-toed sandals that didn't even have any extra heal to make them look more like shoes. She knew this was the first step in men taking back some well hidden, comfortable feet time and I could tell she didn't like me discovering this long lost ancient secret held tightly by women for so many years. Well, move over ladies, we're here,
walking in relaxed, and we're here to stay, comfort and all....dude!

If you know of other dude shoes we dudes should know about, let us know in the comment section. We, and our fett, will thank you....dude.

Keith Poletiek is the cartoonist and creator of  the daily online comic strip "Dude and Dude" Distributed by Universal Uclick at for United Feature Syndicate. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. I have two pairs of Dude shoes - one is a pair of TOMS and the other is my Bonsai sandals :)