Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Awesome Dude Series: No. 2 - Bhutan

Bhutan? No. 2 on my Awesome Dude Series?

You're thinking, "Dude, Bhutan is a country, not a dude! A country can't be a dude, can it?"

I beg to differ, dude!

I say, if a country announces that its' Gross National Product is "Happiness", then makes casual robes on men the required dress of the day, and demands that relaxation be included in every work day, then they are a dude!

Bhutan even became a country by a large group of dudes slipping away from the big country they were apart of "The Man" and found a place so remote, they're hard to find on a map.

Bhutan is also so casual that they don't promote tourism. They'd rather be left alone to live the life they want, at their own pace, their own way, with their own kind; the very definition of a dude! They actually didn't even introduce tourism as an option until 1971when they were being hounded, daily, by hippies (dudes) looking for a place to disapear, check out and grow old.  Their government still fights for allowing the Bhutanese to "keep on keepin' on" in their own mellow lifestyle by charging tourists $200 a day just to hang out. Discourage City, or what!

Dude, there number two sport, right behind archery, is darts! How kickback and non-confrontational is that! Peace, Love, Bhutan!

If you want to know where Bhutan is, sorry, dude: You'll have to look it up yourself. Us dudes never give away a secret spots where dudism can flow. All I can say is, find the Himilayas and go left!

For a great read about all things Bhutan, check out Lisa Napoli's book, Radio Shangri La: What I Learned in Bhutan, the Happiest Kingdom on Earth and when you're done, you'll realize what I did; that a country can be a dude, and that Bhutan is one.

Tell us about your secret "dude" getaway spot (and don't charge us
serious fundage to go there!). We won't let anyone but a dude check it out!

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