Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The "Dude and Dude" Studio (The Dude-io!)

Dudes have been asking, it is,
the "Dude-io"    
     This is where most of the drawing, creating, preparing and sending of my "Dude and Dude" comic strip ( Dude and Dude at ) happens.
     A small, little studio/office in Orange County, CA (The OC). It is actually my office for the camp I work as Marketing Director for (the camp I grew up going to), so Dude and Dude time is in the off hours and weekends!
     The pics aren't great because I shot them with my non-Smart phone. I apologize, I haven't moved into the world of using a phone for everything but calling someone yet!
You also see bits and pieces of my writing and speaking career, mixed in with my likes and hobbies. But, my favorite spot is "The Chair" (dude, awesome chair!), where I sit, think, relax and fall asleep trying to conjure up the daily cartoon concepts that will hopefully keep Dude and Dude relevant, entertaining and funny! Heavy emphasis on the "funny"! I'm sure as soon as it isn't, or if it isn't to you, you'll let me know!
     Fans have asked if I prepare my comics differently from other cartoonists because the colors seem more vibrant and backgrounds tend to be repetive and similiar. You dudes are sharp!
     Because I wear so many (too many) hats, my cartoons are prepared in a less conventional way compared to most daily cartoonists, whose work pays all their bills. They have the time to, and luxery of hand drawing the majority of their work, where I must settle for reusing characters and backgrounds from a preserved library that floats around the edges of each new cartoon, just waiting to be called into action.

     Trust me, every new character, setting, background, building, piece of furniture, coffee mug, etc., at one point, is either hand drawn or created in a computer graphics program by me. I'm not that far removed from the fact that I am a cartoonist. I'm just using what's out there to save time right now.
     If you fans decide to make Dude and Dude my one and only source needed to survive, trust me, I'll adjust....dude!

     I love talking cartooning and all things "Dude!" Let's talk!...I'll be over in my chair waiting to hear from....ZZZZZZZZZZZ

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