Friday, June 3, 2011

Dude and Dude's New Digs at!

Dude, if you're a fan, a subscriber, faithful follower or friend of Dude and Dude, then you are totally aware of the transition that just took place on June 1st. If you're not aware, or you're new to Dude and Dude, here's the 411.

United Feature Syndicate, who held the online distributing rights to DnD, sold the distribution rights for Dude and Dude, along with over 100 other comic strips, single panel and editorial cartoons, to Universal Uclick, making UU the largest single cartoon syndicate-mecca in the world!

It also sent the Dudes packing and off to new digs on the cyber super highway and their home on the www is now at ) instead of (United Features closed site).
This is awesome news, especially for a newer comic like Dude and Dude, who now share a site with over 300 of the best cartoons in the business - Peanuts, Calvin and Hobbs, B.C., Pearls Before Swine, Get Fuzzy, Fox Trot and Bloom County.

We all know newspapers are suffering in this electronic age, and comics pages in print are slowly dwindling, so websites like are the strongest presence right now and for the future of cartoonists everywhere. The more they grow, the more the readership, the better for Dude and Dude to become a household name...The goal, dude!
Will newspapers survive?
I believe they will, just like bookstores will always be around. I just think they will have to redefine themselves, find an audience, become more local news driven and carry great comics and editorial cartoons.
Advertising sales have been dropping steadily for the past few years, but I believe they will level out and keep the hope of syndication alive for myself and other aspiring cartoonists. Dude, what would life be like without the funnies?! Not fun!

Where do you see the newspaper business going? Will all our news come from the internet, TV, smart phones? I'd love to hear what you have to say. So would the Dudes!

Keith Poletiek is the cartoonist-creator of the daily comic strip Dude and Dude, available for viewing at and Distributed by Universal Uclick. All rights reserved. Subscribe to Dude and Dude and build your own personal comics page from over 300 other great cartoons at

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