Friday, June 24, 2011

"Dude Food" Series: Fish Tacos...Where Do You Hook a Good One?

When I think of total, great tasting, well seasoned, got to have it, "Dude Food," my first thought is always Fish Tacos!

If you are a follower of my Dude and Dude comic strip ( you know by now that it is the only food necessary for sustaining total dudeism in the eyes, and stomachs, of Dude and Dude. I tend to agree! They crave them, as do I, on a daily basis and the Dudes will do anything, EVEN WORK, to scrape up just enough fundage to score one, two or twelve whenever possible.

For them, there is no place better to make that score than Tina's Taco Shack where they don't dare miss a Taco Tuesday. Tina's place sits on the sand of Beachtown, USA. Her fish is delivered fresh daily from the docks nearby, her Secret Fish Sauce is awesome, and Tina is a hottie! A great combination!! This place is Dude Heaven!...But it's also fictional, so I'm posing the ultimate "Dude Food" question to all you Dudes out there...WHERE DO WE GO TO GET THE BEST FISH TACOS?

I know that everyone's favorite place will most likely be location based, from your present or past, and we may have never heard of your places, or you of mine, but we all need this crucial 411! So, take the time to describe why we should go out of our way to get to your "Fish Taco - Dude Heaven." Give us contact info like websites and Facebook sites as well. I'm a Left Coast, OC guy, so my favorites all come from my turf - but I'm always traveling, and when I come into a town I'm usually hungry and would love a local's insight on where to score a good fish taco or two, or twelve...wouldn't you!?!

My Top 4 Dude Food Fish Tacos Come From:

#4 - Rubio's Baja Grill ( 200+ Locations throughout CA, NV, AZ, UT, CO
The grilled fish tacos are excellent. Great sauce and not too much cabbage. A bit pricey, so be prepared. Their fried fish tacos are cheap on Tuesday's ($1.50) but you get what you pay for. These are small 3 biters with not much inside. Not bad, fourth place. Dude worthy.

#3 - Wahoo's Fish Tacos ( 54 Locations throughout CA, CO, TX
All the food is fresh and tastes great. The Blackened Spicy Fish is the best. Order them with the White Spicy Beans (they're not too spicy) and you've ordered a "Dude and Dude." Pricing is medium sized and so are the tacos. Just ask for a Dude and Dude (then explain what it is so you get what you's gonna be a thing someday!). The Bronze!

#2 - Chronic Tacos ( 36 Locations throughout CA, NV (1), ID (1), Canada (2)
Get ready America (and Canada) these little whole in the wall restaurants are popping up everywhere, and for good reason...The Food Rocks!! They almost take first in my "Fish Taco - Dude Food" search. You can get them grilled or fried, they're both awesome. Lots of fish and the Baja Sauce for these is so good you could put it on anything and it would taste better, even brusselsprouts! Middle priced, and you get to decide what to put on them. They were doing this long before Chipotle showed up. Way to go, Chronic! I close second!!

#1 - Baja Sharkeez ( Only 6 Locations in So Cal.
Man, I wish there were more of these out there for all you dudes to experience, because these tacos are the ultimate Dude Food and my Number One choice for the best FISH TACOS I've ever tasted. They offer 3 varieties and all are great, grilled, blackened and Baja style. I can't even remember which way I ordered them last time, because they are all soooo good. Lots of fish, cooked just right, with plenty of sauce dripping all over. They even do a Lobster Taco that kicks!! They are all $2-4 on Taco Tuesdays. Three will be a chore to finish! I've run over people on the streets trying to make sure I get there in time. Those who have been to Sharkeez know what I'm talking about. Great vibe there also. Big Screens everywhere, great people, great fun! A total winner. Thanks Sharkeez!! You Win!!! Do I get FREE FOOD?...dude.

There are my four winners. Now, show me, and all us dudes, what you've got! Get us "hooked" on your fish taco place. I need Dude Food travel info from you Dudes who know! Peace!

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