Friday, March 4, 2011

Awesome Dude Series: No. 3 - Joe Cool & Charles Schultz

Dude, is there anybody cooler than Snoopy when it comes to comic heroes? No!

And when Snoopy takes the personna of "Joe Cool", it fit like a baseball glove on Good ol' Charlie Brown's hand. Actually, that's not a great analogy, because Chuck's glove was repeatedly knocked off of him, along with most of his clothes, by a screaming line drive fired back at him on the pitcher's mound.

As a kid, I wanted to Snoopy to be real! I couldn't get enough of him. I read every comic in the newspaper, bought every new Peanuts paperback book (the day it came out), and planned my holiday schedule around which Charlie Brown special would be showing that season. Snoopy, owned many of the great scenes in those holiday classics.

Snoopy, alias The World War One Flying Ace, alias Joe Cool is, and always will be a "Dude!"

That makes this Awesome Dude Series choice kind of a two-for-one, because if you're going to make Snoopy a dude, you have to make his creator one also. Joe Cool could only have been drempt up and conceived from the mind of a total dude; so Charles Schultz was, is, and forever will be a dude also.

Of all the "Dudes" in history, Charles Schultz is one I would have liked to have met and spent time with. Just hanging out in his studio, watching him create his unforgettable characters, and, at the same time, creating a lifestyle that allowed him to express himself in his own way. He set his own daily schedule, he worked at his own pace and relax when he wanted to relax...dude. That's the total definition of the "Dude" lifestyle!He was also banking more money than most doctors were pulling in the 60's. Can you say, "Fish Tacos for Everyone!"

Charles Schultz and "Joe Cool" might just be the original "Dude and Dude!" They have totally been an influence on my approach to cartooning, my "Dude and Dude" comic, and the way I'd like to see my lifestyle to be. I don't need a doctor's income, just enough fundage to live at dude status. I do hope my "Dude and Dude" end up somewhat as cool as these two dudes!

Who are your favorite dudes from history? Let me know! Every new dude I meet, make my day better!

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