Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Awesome Dude Series: No. 4 - X-GAMES

When an entire competition has you watching people do the most amazing, death-defying fetes - because they dig living on the edge - and you find yourself staring at the Tv and saying "Dude!" over and over again...then that competition, to me, is a Dude!
 Yes, I'm giving the entire X-GAMES, Winter and Summer, Dude status! A tribute to an all-in-one group of people who have taken their sport to the ultimate extreme...and then come back each year with even more!
If I had to made all of you "Dudes" that make up the X-GAMES individually, I'd be sending out blogs forever.
From skateboarders attempting tricks on ramps the size of mountains, to motorcycle dudes flying fifty feet in air hanging off the back of their bikes attempting to look like (and probably think they are) Superman, to flips on snowmobiles, cars that don't much care how they get there, just as long as they get there fast, and having that scary feeling that someone's not leaving here alive....It's all one big, over the top, outraegeous, glad you want to do it and not me, DUDE!

I mean how high can a "Flying Tomato" go before he leaves the Earth's atmosphere?....Dude!
And then there are the WIPEOUTS! The attempts that just don't quite exceed, or miss badly! When someone has to be taken away by stretcher, don't you stop what you're doing and send everyone home? Not these dude. They whisper, "Bummer!" under their breath and then step up to the ramp for their turn to avoid killing themselves...again I say, Dude!

Here's to all of you thrill-seeker, dudes who only want to breathe "Big Air!" You humble us, entertain us, inspire us and makes us want to be like you! You are all total Dudes!

Share your favorite X-GAME moment! Tony's 1080? The first motorcycle back flip? Who was that guy?

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